Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where has my fitness gone?

I've been having a bit of a pity party the last several days. I simply cannot believe how sore I was after doing the 10K on Saturday. Then I had to run again on Sunday evening. I was just so very tired and my legs were like jello! Then jazz class was on Monday evening and I was so tired on Monday night I collapsed into bed.

Ugh, it's all so unfair! This time last year, 6 miles was a "light" day. A taper week's long run. Oh, how far I've come... backward. (I really did just sigh. While I was typing. LOL) 

I don't recall being being this sore training for my first half-marathon, and I was running straight through with no walk breaks. I should probably go read some of my weekly running updates to find out. But maybe I don't want to if  read something like "Wow, 10K done and I'm feeling awesome!" Because I totally do not feel awesome right now.

This week the training schedule calls for an increase to 3/1 intervals and a 7 mile run on Saturday. I have to remind myself that it's only 8/10 of a mile more than on Saturday. And so far I've managed the 3/1 intervals just fine. Today was harder because we went to Six Flags yesterday and walked forever. I didn't think it would be a problem since I walk all day at Disney and run there, too. But apparently there are hills at Six Flags and there aren't at Disney.

Or maybe I've just lost THAT much of my fitness. Which really sucks. Do I have to work twice as long/hard just to get back to where I was? Can I get back there at all? I've been reading lots of blogs talking about injury recovery and it seems like most folks are back to their usual training schedule much faster than this. I just want to be able to do what I did this time last year. :(


  1. You'll get back there! You've got the commitment and the work ethic to do it, I know it! Sometimes it's just hard. You'll work through it, and there's always a better run around the corner!

  2. Jennifer ... are you forgetting Jazz Class and Zumba class ... maybe your legs are tired because they ARE TIRED!!!! You are too hard on yourself. You're fit, healthy, and beautiful! Your logical Aunt

  3. Thanks, Jenny and Aunt Terri! I'm feeling better today. Still frustrated, but not defeated.