Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm back in the game!

Today I tackled the swim portion of the triathlon. I hadn't been in the pool for a couple of months, partly due to my injury and partly due to the jazz and Zumba classes taking up my cross-training time. That's the same reason I hadn't been on the bike. But I tackled that one on Sunday, and now it was time to tackle the last one. After all, if I'm wanting to do a triathlon in roughly 2 months, it would be rather important to get back into the water.

As with the bike, I was nervous. I was afraid my shoulder/arm would bother me. I've been reading the Total Immersion book and watching the DVDs from the library. It is quite similar in theory to the Chi Running book, so I'm able to use many of the ideas that I already learned for running and apply them to swimming. But the one difference with running is I can practice and not have to worry about drowing. ;)

The swim went very well, I think. I wasn't sure how many laps I should do, so I started out slowly. Did a 250 meter set and rested for a minute, then did another one. It was on this set that I got the surprise of my life - a man practically swam right into me in my lap lane!! I was really shocked and when I got to the end of the lane I sort of looked around to see if I could figure out what happened. A man was swimming next to my lane and said, "Sorry about that... I didn't know that you were in the lane." HUH?? Really? I'm wearing a green swimsuit and a bright blue swim cap. Planes flying overhead could see me. @@ Maybe I grabbed the Swim Cap of Invisibility this morning by mistake??

Anyway, I was going to do another set of 250 but then that would have my total be 750 meters, and the swim portion of this tri is 400 yards so I thought I'd do an even 800 and that would be double the distance.

My arm didn't bother me while I was swimming but I could feel it afterward. It wasn't pain, per se. More that I was just aware of a sensation in the arm. I came home and stretched it out and also did my strengthening and it didn't bother me the rest of the day. I noticed it now and then, but no pain. Very strange.

I'm really pleased that I could get into the pool after such a long break and crank out 250-300 meters at a time. Now granted they were very slow, but I don't care. The fact that I can do it is a big boost for my confidence. I'm still not ready to sign up for the tri yet, but I am feeling like I may be able to pull it off! :)

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