Friday, July 20, 2012

Is this the problem??

The other night, while stretching, I was looking at my running shoes lying on the floor. The pink ones are the Saucony Rides - the ones that turn my heels into bastions of blisters. The blue ones are the Brooks Launch - the now discontinued shoe that gives me happy feet.

Since I spend a lot of time stretching it gave me time to really look at my shoes, and I noticed something in the way the back of the Saucony shoe is designed. Do you see how it bulges out in the back? And the Brooks shoe goes more or less straight down?

Can you see it better in this shot?
I also dug out my old Nike Structure Triax shoe, which is a style I've been wearing for the last couple of years with no blister problems. Can you see the bulge in the Saucony (pink) shoe?
I think, for whatever reason, that my foot must hit that bulge in some way that causes it to blister no matter how much glide I put on it. I tried different styles/weights of socks. I tried lacing the shoes differently. I tried blister pads. I tried combinations of all of those things, and every single time I wore those shoes they gave me HUGE painful blisters. My feet are now finally just healing up and it's been several weeks since I last wore the Saucony shoes.

This may or may not be the cause, but it's different enough to make me suspect it. I know I will be paying attention to the shape of the back of my shoe from now on! LOL I'm not taking another risk of spending $100 for shoes that hurt me. Of course, I have learned the lesson that if the shoes are causing blisters, TAKE THEM BACK! Don't keep trying them out thinking that your feet will "toughen up"! ;)


  1. I have tried several shoes and can't find the right ones. I keep going back to a pair that are really worn out and are about three years old. I know I need to go to an actuality running store and get fitted. I think I will get all my shoes together and compare them too now.

    1. Hollie, I would definitely recommend you go to a local running store and get fitted. The one that I went to actually videoed my feet as I ran so we could see if I pronate badly. Then I tried on about 6 different pair. It is my fault these shoes didn't work because I got blisters but assumed it was because I was doing something wrong. Now I know what to look for, I think... so when I go for my next pair, I will be smarter!