Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've got butterflies again!

I spent this afternoon working on a training plan for the Lake Lanier Islands triathlon. It is a mash-up of two training programs: the one that I found in Women's Running magazine a couple of years ago and used last spring while training for My First Triathlon, and the one in the free e-book from Swim Bike Mom (free when you sign up for her newsletter here).

The reason for the mash-up is that the WR one doesn't work well with my life schedule (swimming on the wrong day for the early hours at my local aquatic center, etc) but the Swim Bike mom one is 3 months long (or 6 or 9 if you're truly a newbie) and I don't have that much time. In the end, though, I think I devised a plan that will work well for me!

And it gives me butterflies! I am SO excited! THIS is what it's supposed to feel like when you're training for something - that mixture of anticipation and adrenaline! It can't be beat!

It's not all excitement, though. I am a little nervous - mostly of the bike ride. I local lady suffered a traumatic brain injury during the bike portion of the IronGirl triathlon in May. I had wanted to do that race (still do LOL) but it fell on the day of my daughters' dance recitals so I couldn't. The lady is recovering, but it's scary to think that you can get that hurt on the bike. If I crash while running, I'd probably get some scraped knees. The bike intimidates me quite a bit. I'm also nervous about my shoulder in the swim, but I got treated for my impingement and I've been really working on strengthening and stretching both of my shoulders/arms, and I'm also working on my form using the Total Immersion DVDs. So basically I'm doing what I can... and I just have to let it all play out. I am infinitely better now at allowing that to happen. ;)

I'm going to work in 3 bike rides and 2 swims next week to see how I do! I am really excited!

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