Sunday, July 22, 2012


I got up before dawn this morning to go to the park with my beloved Frankenbike for the first ride I've taken in months and months! I was so incredibly nervous. I didn't sleep well last night as I had dreams of crashing the bike over and over. I had tested out my bike yesterday in the neighborhood so I knew my gears worked, my tires are full, and the brakes did their duty. But I was still worried.

I put my bike rack on the car and headed over to the park. I was so nervous heading down the trail, and I went very slowly on the first lap. There was a lot of debris on the trail from the storms the night before so it was like dodge-bike! LOL

Surprisingly enough, everything went really well. I was able to go a little faster each time around. I am still nervous on the bike, but that's OK. I am planning to ride 2 more times this week so I can get acclimated. And maybe one day I will consider riding on the street!

I am feeling great, physically. Yesterday I ran for an hour, and then 32 minutes on the bike this morning and I really feel much better than I did after the 8 mile run last week - and that took about the same amount of time. I hope this continues!

It's so thrilling to have the excitement back again! :)

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