Saturday, July 7, 2012

A run to remember

Yesterday was a crappy day. There is no other way to put it. We had storms the night before that kept me awake most of the night. Then I had to deal with internet issues that just would not go away. The evening run loomed over me all day (one of the reasons I am not enjoying this evening training) and it was such a hot day that all I could do was watch the forecast with dread. On the way to the park, my van decided to get completely funky with me and all of the gauges started randomly flipping back and forth. It stopped after a couple of minutes, thankfully, but it was so weird. Then I get to the park and my GPS wouldn't find the satellites.

"Are you indoors?" ::looking around:: Nope. I'm at the park. @@

I turned off my GPS and turned it back on and tried again. Once more it asked me if I was indoors. I clicked on "Yes", thus turning my Garmin into a very bulky stop-watch, and started my warm-up walk. 5 minutes later and I turned on the 3/1 interval setting (cut-back week so the "long run" was 4 miles and shorter walk interval) and was grateful that I've run this trail so many times I know exactly how far 4 miles is.

But then the magic happened.

I didn't notice it until about a mile in...but I felt good. Really good. And relaxed. All of my muscles felt nice and loose. The running felt effortless, even on the hills. It was amazing! It was hot, but I wasn't breathing hard. And my legs which are usually so tired from Zumba the night before my long run actually felt fine. I have no way to explain it, but I don't care! It was a perfect gift from above and I will take it! :)

8 weeks of training are done... 6 weeks to go!


  1. Mine always asks if I'm indoors when it first starts looking. I click no and leave it alone and it finds the satellites. I think unless you're standing directly in the middle of the three (like up in space where we couldn't be) they automatically ask that.

    1. I've never had that happen before! I tried 3 times for it to find the satellites, and then I just had to get going so I could get my run in. I did come home and do a hard reset and the last 2 times I've used it, it found the satellites with no problem!