Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Six months??

My mom asked me this evening, "When did you do Goofy? 2011?"

"Nope, that was earlier this year... January, 2012."

Seriously... only six months ago? It seems like a lifetime! Some days I don't even feel like the same person that took on 39.3 miles in two days - and the waking up at 2 AM each of those days! LOL It's amazing to me how quickly those memories fade. Shouldn't that still be so fresh to me?! If you asked me if I've run a full this year I would tell you no! It doesn't even register that it was really THIS year. And I keep thinking that I haven't run a half since Princess 2011! But I did one of those in January, too! ::shaking my head::

Am I the only one who experiences this sort of "race amnesia"?

Edited to add: It's even worse than I thought! I looked back at my Race Calendar thing on my blog and saw that I did the Rock N Roll Savannah Half in November. That one never even entered my mind. I can at least understand that (because it was walking - and a huge disappointment), but wow! This is so weird!

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