Monday, August 6, 2012

Cycling 101?

Feeling that Cycling is my weakest link in the triathlon chain, I decided to hit up the library for some reading material. I checked out the above book, "The Big Book of Bicycling."

Wow, I understood perhaps 4 words in most of the sentences. This is no beginner's manual, that's for sure.

Can anyone recommend a good BASIC introduction to bikes and cycling??

On a good note, I did take a couple of the tips on form and implement them in my ride on Saturday. I attempted to change the way my feet are positioned while I'm pedaling (not as easy as it looks!) and I changed my positioning on the bike during downhills. So at least I got a few things from the book anyway.

I got a bit lost on my little trek, not terribly so, but it put me out on a very busy road - not where I wanted to be. Even as early as I was out there riding, it was busy, and I kept praying, "Please don't hit me!!" as the cars would drive by. I'd alternate that with, "This is not the road I want to be on!!" LOL Luckily I got back where I wanted to be, and finished my ride. 

There is a ladies' ride out of the local cycling store each Saturday morning. I am trying to get up the courage to attempt this. It's a 15 mile ride of 14-16 mph, which right now sounds impossibly fast for me. I don't want to pressure myself with speed, so I think the best thing to do is to ride and ride and ride. And hopefully the speed will come with time. And then I can try the group ride thing. I just don't want to be the one everyone has to wait for. Too embarrassing.

I wish there was a nice beginner program for cycling like there is for running. 

As for the new running shoes... so far, so good. I had a small tender spot on my left foot on Friday but it went away quickly. Sunday's 6 miles felt great!

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