Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did You Hear That?

::chirp, chirp, chirp::

Did you think I disappeared? Well, I sort of did. That silence you heard was the first week of our home school year starting! We got off to a very rough start (that's putting it kindly LOL)... but I have managed to get my workouts in early and get back home to get the kids (read: teenagers!) up to start lessons at a decent hour. It meant getting up at 5:30, which hasn't been easy, but it's worth it.

Monday is my yoga day so that was easy, and a good way to start a new school year. Tuesday I did my swim and it went very well. I am up to 450 meters at a time, which is over the distance for the triathlon (which I still haven't registered for... I really should do that...).

Wednesday was a bit trickier because that is brick day. It's only a 45 minute/15 minute brick, but the sun doesn't come up until after 7 now, and the park that I like to do bricks at is 20 minutes away. That is just not doable on a school day. As it turned out, Hurricane Isaac was messing with Atlanta's weather anyway, so I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of months and did my brick indoors. I have 2 more of these to do, so I will make sure to do one more outdoors and we will adjust our start time that day.

Today is a swim day, and I decided to bump tomorrow's run to today to do a swim brick for the first time this training. I really remembered those being easier than they were, but I have to remember that I was in better shape last time I was tri training. It really sucks to be reminded how much fitness I have lost in so short a time. But I did it, and that's all that matters! I intend to get some more swim bricks in - just not next week because the public pools are closed for the week in our county.

The tri is 4 weeks from Sunday! That's so hard to believe. I ran into a friend today at the pool who did this triathlon last year and she told me that the water felt really good last year despite the air temperature being very chilly. That is something that has been bothering me - I don't own a wetsuit and I don't want to rent one because I wouldn't be able to practice in it. She gave me a few tips for dealing with the cold sand, which I really appreciated!

I guess I should register...

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