Friday, August 24, 2012

The Mountain

I decided that I wanted to work on my cycling by venturing out onto more roads, not just the local parks. So today, I headed to Stone Mountain Park.

It's a pretty place, isn't it? The bike/running path is part of the main road that runs around the base of the mountain. Just by taking a look here, doesn't it seem to be pretty flat around the base?


It was 5 miles around the base of this mountain and UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN. At one point, I was going so slowly, I debated getting off the bike and running up the hill because I could run faster than I was cycling. It was shortly after this thought ran through my head that I was passed by a fellow cyclist like I was standing still (which would be pretty accurate, as slow as I was going). It was embarrassing. I really suck at cycling.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I was pulled over by a policeman for not coming to a complete stop... on my bike. He only gave me a verbal warning. But my gosh, it was a rotten start to a workout.

In the long run, I need to work on my cycling. Right now it's my weakest link. And I'm not going to get any better by riding my bike in circles around the local parks. I need to be on roads and, since I'm in Georgia and likely to race around here, I need to tackle hills. So while it is awful now, doing this on a regular basis will be good for me. Hopefully, I will see improvement sooner than later!

Now I'm headed to bed. I have a 5K tomorrow... my first one since I've been "recovered." My goal isn't a time goal, however. Instead, I'm wanting to relax and enjoy myself. That's really all I want - to enjoy myself. This race is for a good cause that's near and dear to my heart, and that's really what's important! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the race report! 

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