Sunday, August 12, 2012

What a weekend!

After Friday's dream run, I was a little nervous about my weekend workouts. I had pushed a little harder than usual on Friday due to the run feeling so good, and I wasn't sure if I had used up everything for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was my longest bike ride in a year. I think I had done the same amount of time on the stationary bike at the gym, but that's without the hills that you get on the real bike. It's not the same amount of effort at all to pedal on level 1! LOL There were storms overnight and I had a tummy ache. I slept maybe 2 hours all night. I had to be up early to get the bike ride in because my daughter's had fittings mid-morning for their new dance shoes. The ground was still wet, and I debated going to the gym, but in the end I thought that getting on the road would be the best bet for training. I needed to spend time on the hills, and the roads could very well be wet on race morning!

So I did it... took my bike to the "secret area" that I found near my house went for it. 9.67 miles later, I had finished!! I even ventured out onto the main roads three times - on purpose, this time! LOL I practiced shifting more smoothly and efficiently, and then I practiced stopping at a stop sign and starting back up quickly again. Surprisingly, there were no problems!

This morning it was time for my "long run" of 6 miles. The weather was glorious - 61 degrees (10 to 15 degrees cooler than the last couple of months) and 85% humidity (shockingly low for this time of year in GA). I slept a little better last night but was still so tired - but who could be down on a sunny, beautiful day?? My legs, especially my quads, were sore but not so much that it bothered me to run. My shoes felt good yet again and I think I have a new favorite sock: the Swiftwick Aspire One. I bought them back when I was dealing with my blister issues, and I wasn't sure I'd like such a thin sock. But they are awesome... there is compression in them which helps my circulation issues, I believe. They aren't cheap, though - about $1 more per pair than my previous favorite socks. My only wish is that I could get the feel of these socks in the 'toesocks' that I have from Injinji. Those are best for my funky toes, but they don't always feel the best in my shoes.

For the first time in a long time, 6 miles didn't feel like "the longest run ever"! I needed that. So much.

I got a nice nap this afternoon... not sure if it was needed because of the lack of sleep Friday or all of the workouts this weekend! This coming week is the first drop-back week in the triathlon training program and I'm very much looking forward to it! My body will thank me, I'm sure. I'm hoping to decide by next Sunday if I am going to do the tri next month or not. :)

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