Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cut-back Week is HERE!

And it couldn't have come at a better time!

I did an 8 miler on Sunday - after having done 16.59 miles on the bike on Saturday. In hindsight, it was probably a mistake. Even though I took it nice and slow and did a 3/2 interval, I am still pretty sore two days later. I did a short run this morning (thanks to cut-back week) and my lower left leg is feeling pretty tight. The one 'good' thing is that the discomfort is moving around. This morning it was in the calf, right now it's the shin. In my experience with my body, that tells me that it's fatigue and not "injury", and I need to stretch and roll and maybe rest a bit.

I know I shouldn't have tried to up the mileage at this point, but I really thought it would be OK. I'm not freaked out or anything (not yet LOL), but I may re-evaluate my desire to do two more 8 milers during tri training. There will be plenty of them to do after the triathlon is over. I was hoping to do a half at the end of October, but I think now if I do anything it will just be the 10K.

I really wish the pool wasn't closed this week. They close twice a year for a week to do maintenance... once before summer, and once at the end of summer. This would be a really nice time to swim when my legs are feeling sore. But I can't. I had planned to run today, do a baby brick tomorrow, and cycle on Thursday - then do a medium long run and cycle over the weekend. I may end up taking tomorrow off and move the brick to Thursday instead. It sure can't hurt. I will see how I feel in the morning and decide then!

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