Friday, September 7, 2012

Embracing Niffercoo2012

I took off Wednesday to rest my aching leg, which I mentioned in my last post. On Thursday I did my brick, and it was just a baby one - 20ish minutes if cycling, 2 miles of running. The cycling part went just fine - nice and slow because the park was busy, and this is the park that has all the curvy path at the back. The run was harder. My leg started feeling off right away and I couldn't really get a good feel for my form. My pace was fine, but it just felt sloppy and bad.

I think the leg is a result of tightness in my glutes, so I have been stretching and rolling a lot. Been rolling on the tennis ball more and it really hurts, which is what screams, "Your glutes are too tight!". It's probably a result of the Stone Mountain ride and the 8 mile run. I took another rest day today (but this one was planned) and hopefully that will help. I will run tomorrow - just 4.5 miles - and then I won't run again until Wednesday's brick. So that should be good for my legs. Also I have a massage scheduled for next Thursday and I hope she can work some magic on my legs.

I am still kicking myself for upping the mileage on Sunday, but it may be that it's not the only cause of the aches in my legs. I mean, I'm nearly to the peak of this triathlon training. That's nothing to take lightly. I hadn't cycled or swum in months before I took this on at the end of July! This has been a big undertaking and I think I underestimated the effects on my body - or maybe I overestimated my fitness. I keep thinking I'm still "Niffercoo2011." And I'm just not. I'm "Niffercoo2012." And she is different.

"Niffercoo2011" was in half-marathon condition when she started tri training. She had been cycling and swimming regularly for 15 months. In addition, she was regularly running 15-20 miles a week and had been for a over a year. She was at least 10 pounds lighter. This body that I'm currently training has had a rough 11 months.

Not to say that "Niffercoo2012" doesn't have some great upgrades. She is much more flexible. She can touch her toes and do the triangle pose without needed a block. She also has more muscle strength, too. She has real definition in her leg muscles, and she actually has visible chest and back muscles. She has a stronger core... there is even some definition starting to pop out around the abs! And those are all good things!

So I've got to learn how to work within the limits of "Niffercoo2012" and stop longing for the good ole days of "Niffercoo2011" and remembering only the things she could do. I need to embrace "Niffercoo2012" and appreciate her strength and flexibility instead of constantly lamenting all the ways she is not the previous version. If I don't, then I'm never going to get back to experiencing peace and enjoyment with my training.

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