Saturday, September 8, 2012

Same lesson? Sure, let's repeat it again...

This morning on my run, my leg started bothering me right from the beginning. I was frustrated, and then I decided to pray. Yeah, it feels really embarrassing to pray, "God, can you please make my leg stop hurting? It's OK if you don't and I will learn whatever I'm supposed to learn through the experience, but I've had a rough week and I could really use a break here." People are praying for real, serious problems - like a loved one with cancer, or being unemployed, or wanting to have a baby... and here I am praying for my leg to feel better.

But God is big enough for all of it. He is big enough to hear those big prayers and the little ones like mine at the park this morning. And while I know that He isn't a magic genie where you put in a prayer and get out what you want, I do know that it's OK to ask for what I want.

I learned that during the Goofy Challenge in January.

Sometimes I forget. Or, not that I forget, but rather I get to thinking that it's through my own power that I'm doing anything. And that's worse than forgetting.

But God is also patient and He won't mind me repeating some lessons over and over until they are automatic. LOL So I am trusting in Him, every day. Through pain and injury and whatever. He will get me through!

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