Saturday, October 20, 2012

8 miles - it's very nice to see you again!

I did my 8 miler this morning. It was a beautiful fall day out there. Not a cloud in the sky and the temps were in the low to mid 40s. Since I hadn't run much last fall and winter, I was unsure what I should wear. I went with capris and a skirt, and a long sleeve shirt, and mittens. That was just about perfect. I probably could have gone with just the skirt, but I am so cold-natured.

I went with the 4/1 intervals, which is new. The last two times I have done 8 miles (post injury) I did it with 3/2 intervals. But I wanted to see how it would go. Physically I was all over the place. The first couple of miles felt awkward, which is typical. My shin was a little cranky, but not painful. Then around the 4th mile my right ITB started to make its presence known. I stretched at the top of the hill during my water break and that seemed to help. I think the cold weather was either making my muscles tighter, or was making me clench up and tighten them. Either way, I re-focused on relaxation and form. Miles 5-7 went beautifully! And then I started to get tired and my form started to suffer. Aches popped up in all sorts of places and it got harder mentally as well. It didn't feel awful, just harder than it probably should have been.

But before long, the Garmin read 8.00 miles and it was time to stop (well, to do a 10 minute cool-down walk anyway! LOL). I did the cool-down, stretched, drove home and rolled and did some yoga. And then took a nice warm shower. I know that cold/ice is supposed to be a runner's friend but in my case, the heat relaxes my muscles and makes me feel much better. I put on the compression socks and took my older daughter shopping all afternoon - the walking around being very good for the legs!

Legs are feeling pretty good... there is the usual tightness in the left shin but the hip/ITB is feeling just fine. My time was a little less than an hour and a half which is good. This race next week has a 1:45 cut-off. There is a really big steep hill about 7/10 of a mile long that I will have to walk up (I've run it before and it was B-A-D! LOL) and I wanted to make sure I can do that and still finish in time, and I think I can. I am waiting to see how my legs feel in the next day or two before I decide if I need to drop down to the 5K. So far, I think it will be fine! I'm not too terribly concerned about finishing "in time" because I know I will be pretty close, and if they close it down before I get there it won't bug me! This race is at the park where I do most of my long runs so it's not like I will be out on the roads somewhere without direction or support. I'm mostly doing this race so I can wear my new Sparkle Skirt and get a cute Halloween long sleeve shirt to wear! Yes, I have my priorities! ;)

Enjoy your workouts, friends! 

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