Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maybe less is more?

Last week I decided to less stretching and rolling.

That might sound counter-intuitive since I am actively trying to recover from injury. But  realized that I have spent the last year rolling and stretching each day for HOURS. No exaggeration. 2 hours per day at LEAST. This does include my workout (swim, bike, run, yoga, etc). Or my strength training. Because I work from home (teaching my kids) I have the unique ability to roll and stretch when I need/want to. But two hours a day?? Every day?? For a year??

Yeah, I'm over it.

So now I am only rolling before and after a run or bike. And I do my Body Looseners before a workout and a yoga miniworkout afterward. And then I do my really good stretch routine before bed. If I'm feeling particularly stiff, I may stretch again during our rest time in the afternoon. But that's it.

And you know what? I still seem to be improving with how I feel during my workouts. (I'm going to be really aggravated if I hurt during my run tomorrow morning now that I've said this! LOL)

Maybe rolling and stretching less is better for my body?! I wonder if it's possible to actually overdo it with the stretching? Hmmm...

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