Thursday, October 18, 2012

On the Road Again...

Sorry for the delay in posting... this has been a crazy sort of week where I spent most of my days taking children to the doctor. The littlest one for a checkup and the middle one to see about a dance injury (achilles tendonitis and she's all booted up for 3 weeks. You know what's as sad to see as a runner who can't run? A dancer who can't dance. Poor girl!). Around those events, we have managed to get our school work in, and then I feed the crew, try to keep up with the house, and collapse on the bed at night and think, "Wow, I really should blog about my workouts!" LOL

I ran Monday and it was good! My shin bothered me just a little bit, but I focused on relaxing the muscles and releasing them. I still believe that the shin problem is related to a tightness in the calf or hamstring (or both). I'm hoping that watching my form, making sure to slow down in my run intervals, and releasing muscle tightness while I run will help remedy the issue. I ran for 30 minutes, 4/1 intervals.

Tuesday's swim was nothing short of awesome! I stuck to my regular 2 sets of 500 meters and I felt relaxed and strong. I also worked on form and relaxation during my swim. I'm going to stick to these same two sets for around a month before I slowly work to combine them into one 1000 meter set.

Wednesday was a rest day. Going to be taking two of these most days during the off-season. Wednesday and Sunday. If the weather is particularly nice, I may take the bike out on Sunday afternoon for a ride, but other than that, I am going to rest a bit more over the fall and winter.

Today had "RUN" penciled in on the calendar and the weatherman penciled in "RAIN" over the top of it. I waited and waited for the rain to go away - it was a hard and fairly chilly rain or else I would have toughed it out. indicated rain until 10AM so I grabbed the mp3 player and hit the gym. I really didn't want to do it because it would add 30 minutes to my morning for travel time, which would mean a rushed morning of lessons. I'm also not too fond of the treadmill. But I didn't want to miss my workout, ether. So I sucked it up. Of course, right as I was pulling into the parking lot, the rain stopped. Figures.

The treadmill does have a couple of benefits - no hills and no banked roads to annoy my legs. Also, I am forced to maintain a steady pace which helps me avoid running too fast on my run intervals. But it's just so boring. Who would have thought that I would one day prefer to be in the outdoors than indoors for exercise? Crazy!

I had planned 45 minutes for my run today. I am trying to pick up where I left off with the triathlon training. I had been doing a 2 mile run after a brick, and then a 45 minute run, and a 6 mile run. I am going to start with a 30 minute run, a 45 minute run, and an 8 mile long run on the weekend, plus a day of swimming and a short day of cycling on the stationary bike, and finally, the two rest days. I feel going up to the 8 mile run won't be a problem because the intensity and duration of the other workouts is so much less. I plan to add time to the weekday runs little by little until I'm running an hour each weekday, and I want to build up to 10 miles on the weekend run. That's my ultimate goal for the winter and really I don't need to run any more than that to fulfill my training goals. That amount of running would have me ready for any half-marathon, and it would also give me a good base if I want to tackle an Olympic distance triathlon next summer/fall.  I will be doing one cut-back week once a month to give my body a break.

In keeping with my "no pressure running" mantra, though, I am not writing any of these time or distance goals in my training calendar. I'm going to be going very much on how I feel. If I wake up one morning and I don't want to run very long, then I won't. If I can make those goals by the end of the winter that would be great, but it won't destroy me, either. I just want to stay healthy and enjoy my running (and swimming and biking) again!