Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rest Week

I am half way through my (annual? semi-annual?) rest week. So far, so good, I suppose. I am still much achier than I would expect for not having done anything except stretching for the last 4 days.

My mom asked me yesterday if I am going crazy yet from a lack of swim-bike-run and I had to admit that I'm not. That's such a bummer. But maybe that just emphasizes how much I needed to take a break. The stress of constantly dealing with one injury or setback or whatever you want to call it has really taken its toll. It's hard to enjoy my workouts when they are a source of anxiety and stress, instead of a relief for it.

Oh, and on that note... I think I hyper-extended  my right elbow while using the foam roller. Yeah, seriously. My elbow. Shake your head right along with me. So I'm taking a few days of not rolling to let it heal up. @@

Would anyone like to take bets as to which body part will start hurting next? ;)

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