Friday, November 2, 2012

A DNS - but not due to injury

After much deliberation (just ask my poor husband! LOL), I have decided to skip tomorrow night's Anything is Possible 5K. This is a race that starts at 1:50 AM on the night of the time change so that you end up with a negative finishing time! The concept is great, and they give you jammie bottoms instead of a race shirt. I won this entry on Active Advantage so I'm not out any money. And with how far I'd have to drive to get there and back,  I can use the money I'm saving on gas and go buy my own jammie bottoms! LOL

The reason for the DNS is simple: I've been feeling tired and stressed due to family obligations this week, and we have tomorrow evening and Sunday afternoon/evening completely open. If I plan this right, I can get everything done on Saturday afternoon and evening and have Sunday to completely enjoy and rest up for another crazy week. And that will be worth more to me and my family in the long run!

I have been feeling quite good this week, physically! I was expecting to be incredibly sore after the hilly race on Saturday, but I really wasn't! I ran on Monday and Thursday as scheduled, swam Tuesday, and did the stationary bike at the gym today. Tomorrow I will run my now-regular 8 mile distance, and then it will be time for a cut-back week next week!

So far this No-Pressure Running/Training is going very well!

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