Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year 2012 - By the Numbers

My totals for 2012:

Swim - 25.44 miles
Bike - 364.38 miles
Run/Walk - 644.31 miles 

Yoga - 4160 minutes (69 hours, 20 minutes)

Brazil Butt Lift - 2031 minutes (33 hours, 51 minutes)

December 2012 - By the Numbers

Swim - 5200 meters (3.23 miles)
Bike - 35.88 miles
Run/Walk - 82.63 miles

Yoga - 208 minutes (3 hours, 28 minutes)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Training!

I hope everyone has had a lovely December and has enjoyed whichever holiday you celebrate! My family and I had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! For the first time since I've started running, I chose to ask for something that isn't running related. This is what I received:

Now that the kids are no longer outgrowing their entire wardrobes each season, I am able to start spending a little more money on my own wardrobe. I haven't bought a nice pair of non-running shoes since I started running. In fact, I have only purchased running shoes or Crocs for my footwear. My teenage daughter informed me that Crocs are no longer in fashion, so I decided I needed a new pair of shoes. I wear my high mileage running shoes as everyday wear, but sometimes you just want to wear something else. And I have always purchased my shoes at Payless, and balked at paying more than $20 for a pair of shoes, but running has changed that as well! It's funny how I don't bat an eye at paying $100 for running shoes and $70 for a running skirt, but I don't want to invest in my everyday wardrobe! LOL

As far as training is concerned, I have been able to keep up my workout schedule even with all the busy-ness of the holidays. It has required some very early mornings and some shuffling of the workouts around to different days, but I've stayed on track for the most part. This is week 6 of half marathon training already! It is going very well, and I have actually been feeling quite healthy overall. I am really making sure that I keep my pace guarded in the hopes of keeping myself from injury - and it seems to be working!

I will be leaving for Disneyland 3 weeks from tomorrow! That doesn't even seem possible! I am getting very excited! My mom and I planned out what we want to do while we are there... which is basically everything! LOL It's going to be a great trip and I am SO very excited!

Hope the last training experiences of 2012 are safe and rewarding and here is to moving more in 2013!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waivers are up!

It's that time again... waivers for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon are up and ready for printing! :)

Click on this link to print your waiver now and save time at the Expo!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Letting go

Sorry that it's been awhile since I've posted. You see, on our 12-12-12 walk, we ended up with a companion who walked with us. And I've been a little busy with welcoming this new guy into the family! :)

Sebastian... better known as "Bast"
It's almost like having a newborn. Or maybe, rather a toddler... as I've been having to cat-proof the house bit by bit! But he's a sweetie and he's starting to feel quite at home now.

Back to the topic at hand now -

I got some new shoes last week. Finally took the plunge and got some bright shoes!
Mizuno Wave Rider 16
They are awesome and beautiful and I've run in them twice so far. I had a little problem with my big toe this morning, so I'll give it another run or two and see if it happens again. If so, I'll go a half size bigger. They feel very nice and remind me of my Brooks Launch shoes that got discontinued right after I found them.

I also picked up another pair of the Brooks Ghost 5 that I've been wearing with much success since August. But now with the two new pair of shoes, I had no room for them. I decided it was time to let go of my older shoes. I took a picture of them for my scrapbook, and then they will be donated. I bid them a fond farewell and may they take their new owners on more of the wonderful kinds of adventures they took me on!

My first ever running shoes! I spent $40 on them and thought I was big time!

The shoes I wore in my first Half Marathon!

The shoes I wore to complete the Coast to Coast Challenge in 2010!

This pair of Nikes and the two in the next picture combined together to get me through my first marathon and the Goofy Challenge!

The shoes that helped me learn never to buy the same color of the same style of shoe if I can help it at all!

Here they are... the 6 pair of shoes that are leaving my room and moving on to better things!

Letting go can be hard, especially because there are such wonderful memories associated with these shoes. But sometimes you have to let go of the past and look to the awesome things that the future holds!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The kids and I walked 1.2 miles at 12:12 on 12-12-12-!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 3... Check!

Week 3 workouts are in the books and so is the first run of Week 4! Everything is feeling pretty good, despite the fact that I ran too hard during my run intervals during the Jingle Jog. I guess I just got excited or something, but my Garmin time was 31:50 and that was with running 3 minutes and walking 2 minutes! I didn't have the intervals going on my watch so I can't break them down that way, but to average less than 10:30/mile when you are walking nearly half that time means that the run was way too fast to be good for you legs. I have to remember that I'm focusing on laying down miles and time on my feet and to keep the pace nice and slow. I did much better during today's run!

I have decided to add a 2 mile walk to the end of each long run session on Saturdays to get my body used to being on my feet for a bit longer. I would like to be up to a total of 10 miles on my feet two weeks before Tink, so when I have to be on them for 13.1 miles in the race it won't be such a shock. So that long run two weeks before is 7 miles, and I do around a mile warm-up/cool down each day, so another 2 will put me right at 10. So I'll just add 2 each week to gradually build up to that point. I hope that strategy will prove to be effective!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon going through the Disneyland book I ordered to plan out the excitement for my mom and me. She went with me back in 2010, but it was such a whirlwind trip that we missed so much! So this time, we're going to stay longer and really take it all in! I am so excited! It's even better than Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Going Coast to Coast for Spectrum!

You've been waiting for it all week... and now, at last, here is the BIG NEWS!!

I am going COAST TO COAST again in 2013!! What does this mean, exactly? Well, it's simple! I am going to run a half marathon in California... and then I'm going to run a half marathon in Florida 5 weeks later! It's part of Run Disney's Coast to Coast Challenge. I did it once before in 2010, but those races were 6 months apart. 5 weeks apart is going to be a whole new level of challenge, and I am very excited about it! I will be doing the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on January 20th and then the 5th Anniversary Princess Half Marathon on February 24th (as I had planned to do all along). After completing the Princess Half Marathon, I will receive the Coast to Coast medal in addition to my Princess Half Marathon medal!

Now you may be wondering what this means for the fundraising I am doing for Spectrum, our local autism support group.Well, I figure Double the Miles? Double the Races? Double the GOAL!!

Yep, instead of raising $500 to send two children with autism to Spectrum's summer camp - I am shooting to raise $1000 to send FOUR children to summer camp! WOOHOO!!

A special thanks to those who have already donated! I appreciate you helping me to make my 5th year of running about something bigger than me! And if you haven't already donated, what are you waiting for!?! You can make a donation online through my fundraising page!

Stay tuned for updates on my training! The first race - Tinker Bell Half Marathon - is only 6 weeks from today!! :D

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Race Report: 2012 Jingle Jog for Autism 5K

I had a really great time at the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K today! The weather was beautiful, though a little warm for a Jingle Jog! LOL Not that I want it to be freezing like it was in 2009, but a little chill in the air would have been nice! It felt like early spring! :)

The venue and course were new this year and it was an improvement, I think! The vendors and number/shirt pick-up were inside Loganville High School, which would be very nice if the weather were terribly cold outside. There were lots of activities for kids outside as well, more than I remember seeing before. There seemed to be more vendors as well. The course was a bit hillier than in previous years, but it wasn't awful. Overall, I'm really pleased with the changes and I think it will allow the race to grow more in the future.



Sporting the Jingle Bell!

Post race picture! 

I don't have a race shirt picture yet because there wasn't anyone home to take a picture of me - they were off on this busy day taking my children to their various activities so I could do the race! But I'll post it here when I get one!

I still can't believe that this is my 5th time doing this doesn't seem possible that I've been running this long! Can't wait for Jingle Jog 2013! :)

5 Years of the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K!

Race Report later to come this evening! I can just tell you that it was a great race and I had a fabulous time!

But in the mean time, check out these pictures from the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K over the years:

2008 - My first race EVER!
2009 - The freezing cold year! Also, the year my husband and two oldest children ran, too!

2010 - The year I ran 7 miles first, then came to run the Jingle Jog!
2011 - The year I had to walk because I was recovering from an injury!

2012 - 5th Anniversary! This one will probably be known as the Heat Wave year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's like a heat wave!

The southeast has been experiencing some mild weather this week, and Atlanta is no exception!

Our forecast high for Tuesday was in the upper 60s to low 70s, and we have no activities on Tuesdays, so I decided to push my swim to Friday and take Frank to the park!

I waited for the kids' rest time to ride which brought back memories of when I first started out in the whole running thing and they were too young to be left alone. I would put a movie in for everyone to watch during rest time and go run through the neighborhood. They didn't get much screen time on a school day so I knew a DVD would insure than nobody moved for the duration of the program! Alas, everyone is older now so rest time consists of Riley reading aloud to Reece from whatever book series they are going through (currently The Lost Hero series by Rick Riordan - they just finished The Kane Chronicles by the same author) while Austin works through his rest time to get his work finished sooner.

The park after lunch on a Tuesday is a virtual ghost town! I don't think I've ever seen it that empty, except once or twice on a frigid winter morning when everyone else waited for warmer temps. That was perfect for a bike ride! Usually I have to dodge lots of walkers, runners, kids on bikes, and dogs, but today I just had to dodge a tractor that was spreading mulch along the side of the trail! I couldn't complain too much because that means that the leaves (what they make the mulch out of) are all off the trail and I don't have to worry as much about wrecking!

I was able to keep a really awesome pace (for me)! My Garmin showed one mile at 15.4 mph! That's incredible for me! I feel like I'm getting much stronger on the bike, which is my goal for next tri season!

This morning's temp was 57 (before sunrise). I actually went out in short sleeves and a skirt - in December!! It was a little windy so I could have stood wearing capris, but I never felt truly cold. I was able to run in my new Under the Sea Sparkle Skirt for the first time so I could test it for... oh never mind, you'll have to wait for Sunday to find out! ;) I trust Sparkle Skirts so much that I didn't need to do a test run, but since the weather cooperated I figured I would go for it! As expected, the fit and comfort were awesome!

It looks like the nice weather will hold through the weekend and the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K on Saturday! I'm not sure I've ever done that one in just a skirt before, but with temps in the low to mid 60s, it appears that it will be another first on that day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back to the start of it all!

This coming Saturday I will be participating in the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K! This was the very first 5K I ever ran, back in 2008! That means that this is my 5th year in a row to run or walk this event! I am so excited! It's so hard to believe that I have been running long enough to have done a single race FIVE TIMES!!

The location has changed this year so it will be a new course, which will make it even more exciting!

I still can't decide what to wear this year, though. It's going to be quite warm and most of my "Jingle Jog" attire is geared towards the colder weather. So I'm leaning towards wearing my puzzle piece skirt! :) I may end up deciding the morning of the race! :)

Stay tuned for a race report on Saturday afternoon and evening! And then... I have some big news to announce on Sunday!! You really won't want to miss it!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 2 in the books!

This week's training is in the books and it went quite well! I have had a little bit of tightness but not anything awful. I am back to rolling several times a day, which is fine if that's what it takes. I am noticing that my hamstrings and calves are definitely not feeling as tight overall so I think I'm making good progress!

On to week 3... and a very special 5K over the weekend! This will be the Jingle Jog for Autism - yes, my very first 5k back in 2008! I will be running it for the 5th time and I'm so incredibly excited! It's at a new location this year, so that will be different, but I'm still looking forward to this with all my heart!

All I have to do now is to decide which Sparkle Skirt to wear: Green, Red, or the Puzzle piece one! :D

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 - By the Numbers

Swim - 3850 meters (2.39 miles)
Bike - 40.78 miles
Run/Walk - 62.29 miles

Yoga - 206 minutes (2 hours, 26 minutes)