Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Training!

I hope everyone has had a lovely December and has enjoyed whichever holiday you celebrate! My family and I had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! For the first time since I've started running, I chose to ask for something that isn't running related. This is what I received:

Now that the kids are no longer outgrowing their entire wardrobes each season, I am able to start spending a little more money on my own wardrobe. I haven't bought a nice pair of non-running shoes since I started running. In fact, I have only purchased running shoes or Crocs for my footwear. My teenage daughter informed me that Crocs are no longer in fashion, so I decided I needed a new pair of shoes. I wear my high mileage running shoes as everyday wear, but sometimes you just want to wear something else. And I have always purchased my shoes at Payless, and balked at paying more than $20 for a pair of shoes, but running has changed that as well! It's funny how I don't bat an eye at paying $100 for running shoes and $70 for a running skirt, but I don't want to invest in my everyday wardrobe! LOL

As far as training is concerned, I have been able to keep up my workout schedule even with all the busy-ness of the holidays. It has required some very early mornings and some shuffling of the workouts around to different days, but I've stayed on track for the most part. This is week 6 of half marathon training already! It is going very well, and I have actually been feeling quite healthy overall. I am really making sure that I keep my pace guarded in the hopes of keeping myself from injury - and it seems to be working!

I will be leaving for Disneyland 3 weeks from tomorrow! That doesn't even seem possible! I am getting very excited! My mom and I planned out what we want to do while we are there... which is basically everything! LOL It's going to be a great trip and I am SO very excited!

Hope the last training experiences of 2012 are safe and rewarding and here is to moving more in 2013!


  1. Those shoes are so gorgeous!! Where did you get them?!

    1. Claudia, I'm not sure where she got them, but here is a link from one place online:

      (they come in brown, black, and red)