Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 3... Check!

Week 3 workouts are in the books and so is the first run of Week 4! Everything is feeling pretty good, despite the fact that I ran too hard during my run intervals during the Jingle Jog. I guess I just got excited or something, but my Garmin time was 31:50 and that was with running 3 minutes and walking 2 minutes! I didn't have the intervals going on my watch so I can't break them down that way, but to average less than 10:30/mile when you are walking nearly half that time means that the run was way too fast to be good for you legs. I have to remember that I'm focusing on laying down miles and time on my feet and to keep the pace nice and slow. I did much better during today's run!

I have decided to add a 2 mile walk to the end of each long run session on Saturdays to get my body used to being on my feet for a bit longer. I would like to be up to a total of 10 miles on my feet two weeks before Tink, so when I have to be on them for 13.1 miles in the race it won't be such a shock. So that long run two weeks before is 7 miles, and I do around a mile warm-up/cool down each day, so another 2 will put me right at 10. So I'll just add 2 each week to gradually build up to that point. I hope that strategy will prove to be effective!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon going through the Disneyland book I ordered to plan out the excitement for my mom and me. She went with me back in 2010, but it was such a whirlwind trip that we missed so much! So this time, we're going to stay longer and really take it all in! I am so excited! It's even better than Christmas!

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