Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 miles - CHECK!

Today is my last long run before the Tinker Bell Half Marathon which is two weeks from tomorrow! I did the 7 miles that was on my training schedule for Princess (doing a 3/2 interval), then I added the 2 Miles for Tink (at a 1/4 interval), and then I did a total of 1 mile for a warm-up and cool down, for a total of:

10 miles!! 

That's the longest distance I have run/walked since this time last year when I completed the Goofy Challenge! I am so excited! In fact, I asked my husband to grill me a steak for dinner - just like he did when I completed 10 miles for the very first time back in 2010! LOL He was happy to oblige! ;)

I have to admit that I was very nervous last night in anticipation of this run. Double digits seemed to be unreachable last summer when I was trying to prepare for the Alien Half in August (that I dropped out of in favor of the triathlon). This time, so far, it seems like I have managed to complete it with no ill effects. My IT Bands felt great, there was no pain in my left shin/calf - the only problem at all was my right pinkie toe beating against the end/side of my cute new Mizuno shoes. I will send them back and exchange for a half size bigger, and plan to wear them at Princess in February!

I am feeling much more confident in my ability to finish Tink now. I know it won't be fast, but since I'm doing this one for the sake of enjoyment (and spinning bling), that doesn't matter!

Next week is a cut-back week, which is nice and convenient! And the week after that is the race - and lots of time with my mom in Disneyland! So exciting! Lord willing, I will stay healthy and strong and have a blast!

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  1. I love your remark that you are doing this for the "sake of enjoyment and spinning bling" ... with that foremost in your mind I know you'll have a blast!!!!