Monday, January 28, 2013

Race Report: Winter Runnerland 10K

This race was sponsored by Moms Run This Town, a free running club. It was offered as a virtual race and you could order a medal for only $10. There were 3 distances to choose from: 5K, 10K, or half marathon. Our local chapter decided to get together and do the race as a group at a local park. Since I had 6 miles on my training plan, I signed up for the 10K!

It was especially cold on Saturday morning so I appreciated the extra incentive to get up and hit the park! Also, this is a park I have never run at before so I was looking forward to seeing the trail! I was a little nervous, though, because I only knew the one friend who was going to be there, and I get so intimidated showing up to group events when I don't know many people.

We had such a great turn-out on this cold morning!

Our chapter leader had designed a course map and presented us with swag bags! She is awesome! She also took pictures of us running! :)

See my new bright blue hat! I got it so I'd be more visible in the winter! Guess it works! :)
It doesn't look that way from the picture, but this trail is very hilly (which is why I don't run at this park LOL). The first mile is especially bad, but after that it's mostly rolling hills. But still, to start off the first mile with some steep hills was a challenge. The first whole lap was pretty awful, but the second time around was actually really good. I felt much stronger and could get into a better groove.

I think I finished 3rd out of 6, which isn't too bad. I did the 3/1 interval that was on my training plan. I waited for the other 10Kers to finished and was hoping to wait for the 2 half marathoners, but I was too cold after being sweaty on the run. I should have brought something to change into. :(

Me with my bling!

It's hard to see just how adorable this medal is from the picture so here is a close-up version from the website:
I am such a sucker for adorable bling! LOL And $10 to get out and meet some new friends and get some bling is always a good investment! Had a great time and I hope they do this one again next year! :)

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