Friday, February 15, 2013

First trainer ride and the lessons learned therein


I have been looking forward to my first trainer ride this entire week! Last weekend, we turned this area of the garage...

Scary messy!

into this...

Training space!
The area was filled with camping supplies that didn't get put back in the shed and old toys that I cannot bear to part with just yet, so it wasn't a huge undertaking, but it did take several hours. It had to be done anyway because we are going to lay some flooring down in this area and turn it into a dance studio for the girls. They will just have to move my trainer over when they need to plie' or tendu! LOL

Setting up the trainer was also quite fun. The Bike Shop Guy (BSG) had told me that it was just a matter of taking it out of the box and setting it up.

Um. No.

Luckily, my husband excels at Google, so he printed off some step by step instructions (which were not in the box) and I was all set! It took about an hour to get it all set up and I took a few test spins.

Got my game face on! This is my "intimidate" look!
Alas, I had to wait until Friday to be able to really use it. This is the second-to-last week of training for Princess so I have to keep to the schedule! But that ended up being a good thing. Because it dawned on me that I still didn't have a water bottle cage for Mike! And if I was going to be sitting there for 45 minutes, I was surely going to need some water!

There are a hundred million (estimation) kinds of water bottle cages in all price ranges. I have asked for a couple of suggestions and got no responses. So I finally gave up and went to Walmart and bought a $10 cage that came with a bottle. I figured that it would get me started and if it turns out to be junk I'm only out a few dollars.

I came home, got out the multi-tool from my bike bag and went to work. It was a piece of cake!

Water bottle cage installed and ready to go!
I really do feel like a complete Tough Chik when I use the tools to do something on my bike. Yes, yes... it's just a water bottle cage, 2 simple screw thingies - but, hey, it's a start!

So finally this morning it was time to ride! I don't have any pics from the ride because it was early and I forgot! LOL But I will share the valuable lessons I learned from my first trainer ride:

1. It is warmer in the garage than you think. The weather lady said it was in the mid 30s outside so I dressed accordingly. After about 3 minutes, I peeled off all the layers I could, including the mittens, and proceeded to sweat buckets for the next 42 minutes!

2. Padded shorts are not an option. I used to be able to get away without padded shorts on Frank, and I never wore them to the gym. However, the saddle on Mike, while more comfortable than Frank's by a long shot, is not very forgiving on The Queen! No long-term damage done. Just sort of a sore ride!

3. The trainer is not as loud as I had feared. Since this was an entry-level trainer (I wanted to put most of my money towards the bike itself), I knew it would be loud. The reviews on amazon really freaked me out, though. I was afraid I was going to wake up the kids. But it really wasn't all that bad. I compare it to the sound of the washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher - sort of a white noise effect. In fact, the squeaking pedal had a better chance of waking them up, I think. But they all remained asleep!

4. I am too dependent upon numbers. My bike computer does not work on the trainer. I realized this only after I already purchased it, so while I can use it easily for outdoor rides, I would have been better off buying the bike cadence sensor and bike mount for my Garmin. It is cheaper and would work with what I already own. Oh, well, I will live and learn and add that to my wish list for the future! :) Besides, I am too dependent on numbers (speed/distance) so maybe it's a good thing that I can't know exactly how fast I'm going and have to rely instead on how I feel?!

UPDATE: When I called the bike shop about the squeaking, I also mentioned the numbers game and the sensor. It turns out that they sell a compatible sensor and he would be delighted to swap it out for me! So I loaded up Mike and off we went. BSG could not hear the squeaking but lubed up various bike parts as a precaution and hooked me up with the sensor. I just ordered the bike mount from Amazon and it will arrive on Tuesday! YAY!

So there you have it... first training ride is complete! I'm looking forward to future training rides, and more importantly, some nice long rides at the parks and greenways once the weather warms up! 

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