Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm a trail runner now, too!

Yesterday my training schedule for the Princess Half Marathon called for a 10 mile run. Since I just completed the Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2 weekends ago, I wasn't as concerned about this 10 mile run as I otherwise would have been. I just wanted to get in the miles, without hurting, and have a little fun.

My Moms Run This Town chapter was meeting at Stone Mountain for a group run and I decided to join them. I've never run at Stone Mountain, only cycled, and since I will be focusing on triathlons after the Princess, I wasn't sure when I'd have the opportunity to run the 5 mile path around the base of the mountain again.

Despite the fact that it was below freezing when we met at 9 AM, 5 of us showed up. Some of us stayed together and others did their own paces! I love it when that's how it works out! Our chapter leader stayed with me despite the fact that she had her own pacing she was planning to do, and then when we met up with another of the ladies from our group, she asked if we wanted to do the trails that she enjoys so much. I have been wanting to try trail running, but I have to admit to being apprehensive considering that I trip over my own feet when I'm running on flat pavement. And with the Princess only 3 weeks away, I didn't want to fall and hurt myself! But I decided to give it a try, figuring I could always stop and go back to the paved trail if I felt it was too dangerous!

So here I am... on my first trail run!

Good trail for a first-timer!

Being a little goofy!

After we finished our first lap around the mountain, we went back the other way to do some more difficult trails. We did walk the challenging parts, since we ALL have races coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Rocks, limbs, and streams to cross!

Even some granite outcroppings!

The views were certainly worth the effort, though! But I did learn quickly to STOP and take pictures! LOL My full attention was needed on the trail so I didn't fall!

Covered bridges...

A grist mill!

Beautiful lake-front views...

And, of course, Stone Mountain!

Trail runners taking a break to document the event!
I ended up doing a little over 11 miles, but with all of the walking and stopping to take pictures, it didn't feel that bad! I think I really started feeling it around mile 9.5, which is awesome! And one thing I noticed quickly was that I didn't feel it in the usual places like my calves, but more so in my hips and quads. I guess it's from all the darting back and forth across the trail, and then the softer terrain was easier on my lower legs.

I am not sure I've ever had so much fun on a training run! I will definitely be checking out the trail running again in the future! It was fantastic! Maybe I'll even try a trail race later on this year?! :D

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