Friday, February 1, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll!

Take a look at what I brought home with me today!!! :)

I am so excited, I can barely stand it! I finally got a brand new bike!! This is last year's model, so it was on sale, and that allowed me to upgrade to a better model! The bike is a Trek Lexa, which is a women's specific bike. The Guy at the store was fantastic and I really like how it feels to ride. 

I also purchased a trainer

which will be set up in this space

in the garage this weekend. God willing. LOL

I cannot believe how much more comfortable this bike is, even just in the test ride that I did. And Bike Store Guy did some basic adjustments for me that should make it even more comfortable! One funny thing from the test ride - the gears are in a completely different place on this bike (at the brakes, and in fact you downshift by moving the brake handle in which is cool but a little freaky). Anyway, I was shifting and thinking that it wasn't working. You see, on my Frankenbike, when I shift, there is a big CLUNK as the bike goes into each gear. And when I am switching the bike chain there is a HUGE clunk! LOL This bike was completely quiet, and I was taken aback! ;) But it was shifting, as I could feel by the ease and difficulty of the pedaling.

I cannot wait for some beautiful weather, and I may go out one day next week anyway and just bundle up! LOL I am beyond excited about my new bike and I'm really looking forward to improving my cycling skills now! Bike Store Guy did suggest that my next investment be some cycling shoes/pedals! Hello, birthday?!?! :)

Now, I just need a name for the new guy in my life...

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