Sunday, February 17, 2013

Race Report: 2013 Run the Reagan 10K

Run the Reagan is a local race that takes place entirely on a highway called Ronald Reagan Parkway. I used to drive this highway quite frequently and the idea of running on it was very exciting! I did the 5K back in 2009 as my second-ever 5K race and I'd been wanting to complete the half-marathon, but it's always the weekend before Princess! This year, I decided that I would do the 10K since I had 6 miles on the schedule anyway.

The forecast called for snow the day before the race and I was extremely excited! Unfortunately by the time I woke up in the morning, they had taken the snow out of the forecast - leaving a very cold day with some partly cloudy skies. Boring. But that's OK!

I was looking exceptionally cute on the morning, and I hadn't even realized that my shoes actually matched my skirt and shirt until someone pointed it out to me! I knew I loved those shoes! :)

My chapter of Moms Run This Town met up for a group picture for 10Kers and Half Marathoners (the 5K started 2 hours after the longer distances) and then I also got to meet up with an old friend who I haven't seen in a couple of years! She was doing her first ever 10K race and we ended up running together.

The Ronald Reagan Parkway is a hilly road, which isn't surprising for GA! I did my 3/1 intervals but I didn't go nearly as slowly as I wanted to because I was too busy talking with my friend. I got warmed up quickly in my jacket, but my zipper was stuck so the jacket had to stay where it was. If you saw a crazy woman trying to pull a black jacket over her head (unsuccessfully @@) yesterday during the 4-5 mile, that was me. I'm sure it was entertaining! And a special thank you to the man behind me who restored my fallen earbuds to me! LOL

We ended up crossing the finish line faster than my own first 10K had been, and I had run that one straight through! ;) It was a ton of fun and I am so glad that I did the race.

Traditional Race Shirt Picture - Freezing Cold edition!

Look out half marathon in 2014... I hope to be coming for you!! :)

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