Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Race Report: Royal Family 5K

Can you believe I've never done a Disney 5K before? LOL

Well, it's true! After doing many other Disney half marathons and even Goofy, I finally managed to do a 5K. I always run the Saturday morning before the race anyway, and I would always see people coming back from the 5K with medallions. I would wonder why I didn't go ahead and do the race myself since I was out running anyway! And this year, at last, we did!

I traveled down to WDW with Jan like I always do, and we were both a little nervous this weekend. Jan has been battling an injury since the WDW Half Marathon in January and I started getting congested on Friday morning. We had planned to take the 5K easy - and we decided to go without our Garmins so we wouldn't be tempted by the clock. (I was a little disappointed when I realized there was a clock out on the course at each mile marker and the finish line - so much for the "untimed" event that Disney billed this as @@)

Naked Runners LOL
We got up at 3:15 AM and were on the bus from the resort at 4:30. No traffic delays and we arrived at the EPCOT parking lot with plenty of time to spare. I have to admit to being surprised to see a couple of food trucks and a concession stand! I've never noticed this before at a Disney race. Is this just for the 5K? Or do they have these at the half and I just never saw them before? Regardless, it was a bit odd!

Breakfast Sandwich before the 5K, anyone??
I looked around for the "H" tent where I was going to meet up with the ROTE folks, but I didn't see those tents this time. So Jan and I got in line to get our picture taken with Mickey and Minnie - something I had never done before! The line was long, but we had time to kill! And the DJ was fantastic so we had lots of fun dancing around in the line!

The hugs from Mickey and Minnie made my morning!
After the picture and a little bit of "Thriller" dancing, it was time to move to the corrals. Somehow, Jan and I ended up in the A Corral! LOL This has never happened before, and I don't anticipate it happening again! But for one day, I was in the A Corral!

For a moment, I can feel like a speed demon!
Time went by very quickly and we were walking to the start line. My plan was to run from character stop to character stop. Since I didn't have my watch to mark my 3/1 intervals prescribed in my training plan, I would wing it this way. Jan was going to see how she felt. Neither of us wanted to push anything the day before the half. This was to be fun all the way - not racing!

Best fireworks ever!
Right away I had to adjust my game plan. We started out the run in the parking lot and there were no characters! Oops! So I ran for a bit and then took a walk break. I did this a couple of times until I was finally inside EPCOT. I had caught up with Jan again because she was taking it easy, and we ended up sticking together for the rest of the 5K. There weren't as many characters as I thought there would be, but with all the pictures I took, I think the walk breaks ended up being just about right.

Here are some of the pictures we took on the course:

There weren't as many characters on the course as I was expecting - and no princess that I can remember. But it was still a lot of fun. And it was over much more quickly than I could have imagined! We got our medallions and headed over to the bus back to the resort!

5K Finishers - and had a blast doing it!

Later on in the day, we went back to EPCOT and had our picture taken with our 5K shirts and medallions on! Sort of an "after" picture!

I think I will do a 5K on race weekend every time now! It was SO much fun! As an added benefit, getting up super early that morning helped me to be really tired so I could go to bed early for the big race the next day!


  1. So fun! It was my first Disney 5K, too, but I didn't do the Princess this time... So much less stress not worrying about getting swept -- a girl could get used to that. :)

    1. Jan and I were talking about something similar on Saturday! We had fun, got pics with the characters, our legs weren't dead, and we were still out at the parks bright and early! Sounds like 5Ks are the way to go at Disney! :D