Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A whole new way to ride!

When the forecast calls for low to mid 60s and bright sunshine and it's early February, you know you need to go outside!

When you also have a brand new bike hanging in the garage calling to you, you know you need to go to the park for a bike ride - even if the training schedule says "Rest Day" on it!

So I did! :)

I purposely didn't take my Garmin. Today wasn't about speed. It was about getting familiar with my new bike and learning how to use the brakes and shifters since they are so different from my old bike. My new bike has a computer on it so I used that to keep track of my mileage. (Yes it does track time but I didn't pay attention to that screen... possibly because I couldn't figure out how to switch it to that screen but truly it didn't matter so I didn't stress about it! LOL)

I have to admit I was nervous. I'm not that good on a bike yet, but that's what 2013 is all about! So I got out there and just started pedaling.

I cannot begin to describe how great it felt! Well, honestly at first it felt weird. I'm not used to hunching over so much. And my palms (by my thumbs) really hurt. I finally figured out on the 3rd lap that I was all tensed up and holding on for dear life! Once I relaxed a bit, my hands stopped hurting! LOL

As a matter of fact, once I relaxed, nothing hurt! Not my shins, or knees - my wrists didn't hurt and my hands didn't get numb! Even the Queen had an easier time of it on this saddle!

And the best part? For the first time, I felt like I was RIDING the bike, not pedaling and trying not to fall off. This bike feel like more of an extension of me rather than some big, scary death trap! And that right there is going to be a huge plus!

Post-ride selfie... next sunny day I'm going to get one of the kids to take a picture of me ON the bike, where you can actually see the bike! LOL
See the big smile on my face?? This is after 11 miles... and feeling like I could do a lot more, with some practice! It was an awesome feeling!

Oh, one more quick note... while I was riding, I decided on a name for my new bike! I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to my new friend, MIKE! :D

What's the reason, you may ask? Well, there is always the "Mike the Bike" idea, and the notion of taking a "Mike Ride", but the main decision for this name is simple: American Pickers! The stars of that show are Mike and Frank! And they love to find bikes! And they go together.

While my new bike will be ridden more and is taking the place of the old one, I don't want to forget everything that the old bike gave to me - namely my first two triathlons! Without Frank, there would be no need for Mike! I wouldn't have found a love for triathlon if I hadn't had Frank. He will always be special to me! And I will always be grateful... so when I think of Mike, I will think of Frank, too!

Their Mike and Frank...

My Mike and Frank! :)

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