Friday, March 29, 2013

Let the falling over begin! :)

Birthday present from my mom!

Today I had to take my bike in to the shop for its "new bike" adjustment. (More on that later) While I was there, I looked at some cycling shoes and pedals. This has been the Next Step that I've been considering for a few months now, but it's very intimidating! I have had two friends recently suggest that I might want to try Mountain Bike shoes/pedals to start because they are easier. The Bike Shop Guy (BSG) agreed that they can be easier. He showed me what I need, and gave me a price quote. I called my mom and asked her if that was within her budget for my birthday (which is next week) and she said it is and I should go for it! So within about 30 minutes, I was up on the trainer trying out my new set up! I got into the left side almost accidentally - I just pressed down to situate myself on the bike and "SNAP" I was in. The other side took a little more time but eventually I got it. After that, it was much easier! I think some time on the trainer to practice will make it second nature - and then I'll take it out on the neighborhood roads or the park to practice. I know that I will fall over at some point, that's inevitable! But I'm excited about this next step in my triathlon/cycling progression!

Now, as to the reason I needed to go to the bike shop today.

No laughing allowed.

Ok, so maybe a little laughing. ;)

Last week during a trainer ride, I noticed there was a little noise coming from my chain in the lower gears. I figured that meant it was time to take Mike in for his "new bike" adjustment. I'd had him almost 2 months and the BSG told me 6-8 weeks. But then I went to a bike maintenance clinic at the bike shop last week. It was a fantastic clinic (I don't think I blogged about it because it was right before my daughter's crazy birthday weekend) and it was totally free. I learned SO much and felt very empowered when it came to being able to do simple adjustments and repairs on my bike.

So yesterday when I got on my trainer and heard the noise again, I thought, "Hey! I can fix that!" So I got down and started messing around with the rear derailleur and ended up with the chain falling off between gears. Yes, my "fix" made everything much worse! LOL I tried to undo what I had done and got it a little bit better so I could finish my ride, but I decided I would take it in today.

I got to the bike shop and explained what I had done. They didn't laugh at me or make me feel stupid. In fact, when I told the story again to the guy who had actually done the maintenance clinic, he insisted that I go back so they could show me what I did wrong. Turns out, I just turned it the wrong way, and also way too much - so when I tried to undo it, I hadn't gone back far enough! So now I know which way to turn to adjust if it happens again - and I know that you don't typically turn it the way I did! :) I was so impressed that not only didn't they make me feel stupid, they actually wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing so I wouldn't make the same mistake again! I really do love this shop - it's much further away, but the customer service simply can't be beat! And I'd rather drive a little (or a lot) further to get that level of customer service!

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  1. Awesome they helped you out so much! Have a great weekend!! :0)