Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not exactly what I expected!

I decided I couldn't be intimidated by the wetsuit forever, so I decided to open up the package! It is much heavier/thicker than I was expecting. Of course, I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting so that's OK!

I put on my Team Tough Chik tri top and new tri shorts since that's what I'll be wearing underneath my wetsuit, in all likelihood.
It took awhile to get it on, and then once it was on, I felt like I was choking. So I took the top part down again and started again, moving the material up a little more. That seemed to do the trick! I wasn't suffocating nearly as much! LOL
So here I am... first time ever in a wetsuit! Feeling pretty tough, to be honest! It's not all that flattering, but I don't think they are on anyone! LOL
Now I need to find a place to try it out for a swim. Maybe I could do a couple of laps in the pool... more than that and I'd probably get overheated. But that would probably be enough to tell me if it feels good for the swim, I suppose! I guess I need to read up on wetsuits and how to use them! :)

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