Saturday, March 9, 2013

Taking the road bike on the road

I meant to bring my camera today. I really did. This was an occasion worthy of documenting. My first true ride on the roads. No bike paths - just me and the roads that I have driven on near my home!

And then I forgot the camera. UGH.

So you'll have to bear with me as I do my best to describe my experience on this morning's ride, without visual aids. Bummer. Blog posts are much more interesting with pictures.

My non-race Saturdays will now be filled with cycling - lots and lots of cycling! 2013 is the Year of the Bike! My Moms Run This Town chapter likes to meet for group runs on Saturday but today, I needed to bike! One of the ladies that ran Stone Mountain with me asked if I'd like to bike with her today. She has trained for tris in our area and she has a good 12 mile route. I said, "Heck, yeah!"

And then I got scared.

Temps around 40? Cars coming up behind me going very fast? Hills? SCARY!

But I want to get better at riding. Mike is a comfy bike and he deserves to spend some time on the roads! And I want to learn how to handle hills better so when I come to them in races (and I will, because this is North Georgia!), I won't lose so much speed and momentum! I'm only going to get better by actually getting out there and riding on the hills! I don't think the time on the stationary bike helps much. Maybe if I had a spin class or something? But not just the trainer by itself. Though it's better than nothing for sure!

So I met my friend at the park and we took off - OUT the park and onto the roads! Some of the same roads I had just driven to get to the park! YIKES! There wasn't much traffic out there, thank goodness, and I didn't feel scared by the cars that did pass. They were nice enough to give me a wide berth. My friend is quite the speedy cyclist (I had warned her that I was slow, but I'm not sure if she realized how slow until today LOL), but she waited for me whenever it was time to turn or I got too far behind! How nice! I didn't feel frustrated, and I think riding with her pushed me a little harder than I would have on my own. :)

I got back to the park feeling accomplished and excited! My legs didn't hurt, my wrists didn't hurt, and my hands hadn't gotten numb!! YAY! Mike the Bike ROCKS!

We are going to try to ride together when we can... she is training for her first full marathon. But I'm feeling much more confident about trying to get out on my own to ride on the roads, too! Maybe! LOL Regardless, today felt great and I'm excited about the weather warming up so I can spend more time out on the bike!


  1. Awesome! I need to get my bike outside. She's been in the trainer all winter. Next weekend, I hope (this weekend is a race weekend)

    1. Good luck on your race, Megan! And I hope you can get on the road next weekend! I got out again today and it was beautiful, albeit windy! I even mapped out a new 4.5 mile route!