Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's next?

Now that the half marathons are behind me, I am turning my attention back to triathlon. Back in 2011 after I completed my first triathlon, I knew that I really enjoyed the entire thing so much. I never felt stronger than I did while I was training for the triathlon, and I really enjoyed the mental switching gears for each event that kept me from getting bored. But at the time I had already registered for 2 full marathons (and would add the Goofy Challenge a few weeks later). Then the injury hit. And the recovery.

I did go on to complete my second triathlon last fall, and while it was fun and exciting, mentally I was plagued with issues. The last year or so has been a very big challenge for me mentally and emotionally and that triathlon felt like the focal point for all of that stress.

I had the half marathons in January and February and those were important accomplishments for me. Knowing that I could complete that distance again is a good feeling. And completing the Coast to Coast Challenge has almost felt like a conclusion to all of the craziness that has been going on.

Now it's time to refocus. There are several sprint triathlons that I have my eye on for this year. The first one, Iron Girl, is out for this year. Once again it falls on the day of my daughters' dance recitals. I could probably make it back in time, but I am a backstage mom for my younger daughter's class. As you all probably know, she has autism. She has done great backstage for the last couple of recitals, but this year for the first time she will have to dance in 3 dances, with costume changes for each one. I need to be able to be back there with her and on my best game. So Iron Girl will have to wait. Maybe in 2014 it will be on a different weekend from our recitals.

The next one on my radar is My First/My Next Triathlon - the one I did back in 2011. I would be going back as an 'experienced' triathlete. The only concern for this one is the lack of preparation time. It is in early June, and for the next month or so we are doing a huge remodel on the interior of our house. I'm not sure I need the additional stress of a race looming. Also, I have a bit of fear associated with that race because of the huge bike crash near me when I did it.

The race I know I definitely want to do is the Acworth Women's Triathlon. I have read race reports of this race for the last 2 years and it sounds awesome! And Swim Bike Mom is going to be doing it (not that I'd have the guts to say hello to her LOL)! And there is a medal! :D

And the last one I know I'd like to do this year is the Lake Lanier Islands Sprint Triathlon which is the one I did last year. I would really like another go at the course when I'm healthy!

So it appears that my triathlon season won't really kick into gear until this summer. I'm already looking ahead (of course I am!) to next summer and which Olympic distance event I want to tackle. And I'm noticing that they all have 60 minute time limits for the run. That's not a huge problem, or at least it wasn't back when I was running straight through. So I am planning to spend my time this spring getting back to running without walk breaks, first with the 5K distance and then slowly building my way back up to 10K. Of course, this is all contingent on there continuing to be no pain while I run. I've been pretty stiff since Princess so I am going to have to get back to a "low and slow" philosophy with my running! :)

Friday is scheduled to be my first 2 mile run with no walk breaks! I'm SO nervous! LOL Wish me luck!

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