Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wickedly Awesome Trainer Ride!

Yesterday morning was very, very wet in my area of Georgia, and since I had a busy day ahead of me anyway, I decided to put Mike on the trainer and get in a decent workout that way! Boy, was I ever in for a surprise!

I didn't have a plan when I mounted my bike, but as I started warming up, I decided that I wanted to really start getting some serious workouts in on the trainer. I have sort of been taking it easy on the bike while I make sure I don't get hurt, but I think I'm beyond that point now with Mike. I think it's time to really work the legs so I can get stronger on those hills. Since I am not able to attend a spin class, I'll have to do the best I can at home.

I slowly worked my way up to my target RPMs (90-95) and then I began to adjust my gears to a more challenging one. I don't know if that means a higher or lower gear in the terminology, but I was moving to a gear that caused me to have to work my legs harder. When I found the gear that required a decent effort but still allowed me to maintain my RPMs, I settled in for the miles.

I knew I wanted to do at least 13 miles so I had a way to go. But I had some tunes to listen to and I got busy! It was hard work and I was sweating up a storm by the time I got to 13 miles, but it felt SO great! I decided to tack on another mile at an easier gear and lower RPM for a cool down, so I ended up with 14 miles, of which I think 10 were a really good quality! Next time I work out on the bike, I'll be able to do this routine (1 mile to warm up, then the workout, then 1 mile to cool down) and make more of the miles count!

I'm really getting excited about my cycling work this spring!

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