Saturday, April 20, 2013

A hundred excuses

Today I am going to celebrate. I didn't set a PR. I didn't even race.

Today I am celebrating the fact that I did my planned workout.

I did it!
I have had this workout penciled in my calendar for weeks: "15 miles - road". I even mentioned it on my blog: I was going to stick with 15 miles in my new pedals for three weeks in a row, first on the trainer, then at the park/trail, then on the roads! I was originally supposed to do a course preview of the Iron Girl Atlanta course with a local group, but that was canceled. So I had to do my own thing. I decided to go to Stone Mountain. You may remember my previous experiences cycling around The Mountain. Big hills. Ouch. But I was excited and ready to go for it!

In the last few days, however, anxiety began creeping in. I found myself coming up with 'reasons' not to go.

It's going to be too cold. 

We have a LOT to do around the house before they come to replace the floors on Tuesday. 

It's a long way to drive. 

Hubby isn't feeling well and I should stay home and take care of the kids. 

Maybe I should wait a little longer before getting out on the roads.

It's been a long week of workouts and I'm already sore. Maybe I shouldn't push it on those hills.

As you see, the excuses ranged from plausible to flat-out ridiculous! The bottom line is that I was nervous. Even this morning when the alarm went off, I puttered around for another hour before finally getting my rear in gear. I listened to praise music all the way to Stone Mountain in an attempt to boost my confidence. And I kept telling myself that it didn't matter how fast I went so long as I was able to keep my cadence at my target. When I arrived, there was a race going on and I nearly turned back around - but I realized that it was nearly over so I went to find a parking spot. I found one immediately, which was probably a good thing! LOL

The ride itself was fairly uneventful. I made sure to stop and clip out at all the stop signs. I didn't do as well on the hills as I'd hope to do. I'd heard that clipless pedals really help with the hills, but I didn't get that feeling today! I guess it's just lots of old-fashioned hard work that is going to get me over those hills without losing ALL of my speed. I did do a better job at using ALL of my gears, including the big chain (I think that's the one) that allows me to continue to pedal even when I'm going down the hills. And I didn't fall over, or get hit by a car, or crash my bike, which is all good! I think I learned a lot today, even if I didn't magically fly up the hills like I'd envisioned!

But mostly, I'm just glad that I go out there and went -when every part of me was saying not to go! Sometimes, that's the hardest part of the workout!

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