Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Boston

Today was not a scheduled running day for me. However, in light of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday, there was no way I couldn't run today.

A group on Facebook have organized a virtual run today called Runners United to Remember  - I learned about it from my friend Jan who shared it. I went to their Facebook page and printed out the bib and laced up my shoes this morning.

Hmm, it seems I have sort of a snarky look on my face. I'm not trying to make light of the situation, but during my run I had been reflecting that if they were hoping to stop these events from taking place with acts of terror, they picked the wrong group of athletes. This is NOT going to stop runners. Period. Anyone who runs 26.2 miles for fun is much stronger, mentally and physically, than that!

Another movement on Facebook is for all runners to wear a previous race shirt today to show solidarity! I chose one of my Fallen Heroes of Georgia shirt and the hat from my very first marathon. It just seemed appropriate. 
My prayers are with everyone today - the people in Boston, the runners and their families, the volunteers and organizers, the first responders, and the entire running community. There are so many broken hearts everywhere today. If you can, go for a run or walk today and make sure to wear one of your old running shirts, if possible! Let's encourage and support one another through this difficult time!


  1. I saw the same thing on Facebook (and shared it as well). I wore a race shirt to work today. I wasn't planning on doing a run this week (since I just ran a half marathon on Sunday) but I printed my bib and fully intend to do one. Run strong!

    1. Hope you got a nice, gentle, recovery run in, Kellie!!

  2. Wearing my marathon shirt and going for a run this afternoon. Standing together with the running community...we will not let this defeat us...