Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hiking in the Mountains!

My family went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a trip the last few days! I had taken my running stuff with me, but the area where our cabin was located was not conducive to running.

The road was very narrow and windy and barely room for 2 small cars - no shoulder at all. I didn't feel it was going to be safe to try to run on it, and I don't drive my husband's huge truck so I couldn't go down into Gatlinburg where it would be safer.

But we did go for 2 lovely hikes to waterfalls!

The first one was a nice, easy stroll through the woods led by a park ranger!

The second one was self-led, a little longer and more strenuous, despite being on a paved trail!

It was so much fun to be out there with my family enjoying nature and being active! We had a lovely vacation - our first one as a family in 2 and a half years!

I did go for a run last night after we got home - since it was so warm, I ran in my new Lunatiks skirt and compression socks that I won a few weeks ago. I'll do a post about that tomorrow! :)


  1. Very nice!! Looks beautiful! Glad you had a good time with your family! :0)

  2. Oh, how fun! I want to go hiking through the mountains some time. We went tubing through the Tennessee mountains last spring and it was gorgeous!