Sunday, April 14, 2013

The story of how "The Fall" happened...

Day 2... a nice bruise has developed!

Now that I have a little time, I thought I'd share the exciting store about my fall.

I was speeding down a new trail... 18 mph, and a took a curve too fast, and...

Yeah, right. LOL

Well, I WAS at a new trail. That part is true. And I kept getting lost. On a trail. A paved trail. In particular, I kept turning off to the parking lots. So I could come to a set of stairs going up, and I'd have to turn around. Since I'm not very good at turning, I have to slow down quite a bit. The first time (yes, I did this more than once @@), I had no problem - executed the turn and went on my way!

The 2nd time I didn't have such luck. I went off the paved trail and couldn't get back up. Instead of clipping out and putting my foot down, I panicked and over I went! LOL

Is it bad to say I'm actually kind of psyched about it? I've been really worried about my first big fall. And now that I've lived through it, I can let that worry go. I fell. It hurt. I kept going. If I hadn't been able to keep going, I would have walked back to the car or called my husband to come get me. Falling is part of cycling - it's inevitable! I just hope it doesn't happen too much!

Side Note: This morning I ran (thankfully the fall didn't hurt my ability to run LOL) - 40 minutes which ended up being right around 4 miles, my longest nonstop run since 2011! :D

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  1. Sorry about the fall - but you're right, the fear of it is behind you now! And congrats on the run!