Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bike drills

In this "Year of the Bike", I have been trying to improve my cycling. As usual, I start out by reading up on the topic. Boy, there is a real lack of good cycling books. I found one on the Kindle that I need to buy because the sample was pretty good. But most of them are way too technical for a newbie like me.

I did learn that I need to be doing something called "Single Leg Drills" which is basically where you take one foot out of the clip and do all of the pedaling with the other leg. EYE OPENING! My cycling form sucks!! I need to search youtube and see if I can find some videos of proper cycling form. Maybe that will help with the lower leg issues I seem to get when I am cycling hard.

This is my second week of twice-weekly rides and although it's been strictly on the trainer, this week's weekday ride today went much better than last week! More time in the saddle= getting better on the bike!

If anyone has a book/video to recommend for some good triathlon-related cycling help, please share in the comments!

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