Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let the training begin...

This season's triathlon training officially began with a short swim on Monday. Even though it was only 400 yards, I stuck to the schedule. I figured it would also be good for my intercostal muscle (which does feel much better these days).

Yesterday was a rest day while I took care of my daughter who had oral surgery yesterday morning! She came through it all beautifully!

Today, I did my first brick since last September! 30 minutes on the bike, 10 minute run. I forgot how strange that feels to run off the bike. But nothing hurt, so that was good!

I did my cool-down walk and headed back to the car. When  went to unlock my bike from the pole where I had placed it, the combination didn't work! I tried to take off the front wheel to see if I could feed the chain through and I couldn't get the wheel off! I was feel desperate when a maintenance worker drove past. This is when I am glad that I always smile and say hi to the folks who work at the parks, because these guys know me (and know this is my bike LOL). I got his attention and asked if he could help. He asked if I minded cutting the lock. Hmm, let's see? Bike stuck to a pole, or the $10 combination lock from Target broken? He came back with a tool and easily cut the chain for the lock and I was on my way. Not sure I'm feeling so confident in my little locks anymore, but at least my bike isn't attached to a pole anymore!

This sure is an interesting way to begin triathlon season! LOL

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