Saturday, May 25, 2013

Race Report: Gwinnett Life Run 5K (Chick Fil A Race Series)

I was pretty nervous this morning before this race. With all the injury stuff recently, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to meet my goal of running nonstop. I also knew it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's just been weird in my head lately!

One thing that got me out the door was the fact that my running club was going to be there! This was our Moms Run This Town race of the month, and there were also going to be other chapters present! And we had ordered special shirts with a "Moms Salute This Town" logo on the front and the MRTT logo on the back! I decided to order the tank top thinking a race in Georgia in late May would be too hot for a short sleeve shirt. Well, the temps when I woke up this morning were in the upper 40s! Go figure!

Group picture!
I went to the MRTT table and hung out talking with some of the other mamas. Then we headed over to the start line. The 5K and 10K were taking off together and I lined up way too close to the front, but that didn't end up being a problem. The course was about as uncrowded as I had ever seen. I had been uneasy about this race since no details were posted until just a couple of weeks ago - not even a location! But the course ended up being well-marked and safe, with plenty of cones to keep the course separated from the cars, and lots of police officers to control traffic.

As for me, I ran 'naked' today - no Garmin, obviously (since I lost mine last month WAAAAH!). I decided not to even wear my regular watch. I didn't want any pressure. And on the way up to the MRTT tent, my right knee decided to twinge a couple of times just for good measure. I didn't want to push it for some self-imposed time goal. I was even hoping there wouldn't be any clocks or time-callers at the mile markers, and there weren't!

The first mile or so was downhill. I knew what was coming ahead, though, so I just focused on listening to my music and taking it easy on the uphills. Shortly after the 2 mile marker, we turned a corner onto the main road (and back towards the Finish Line) and all you can see is uphill. It was steeper than the previous hill and pretty intimidating to me! I had to keep telling myself to just put one foot in front of the other and to keep on going so I could meet my goal of not walking (except for the water stop, which I have to walk through unless I want to make this a wet t-shirt contest LOL)!

I reached the top of the hill and there was a small downhill before the last hill and by this time I could see the 3 mile marker and knew that I was close and chances were good that I would make my goal. My knee hadn't twinged at all since the very beginning, and my ribs were feeling absolutely fine.

As I turned the corner and saw the Finish Line, I was shocked at the time reading on the clocks. Just passed 30 minutes! Really?! I was running a 10 minute mile? On those hills? And I wasn't even trying hard?! I was so pleasantly surprised! I crossed the Finish at 30:45, giving me an overall pace of 9:54/miles. And a couple of the ladies from the club commented that the course measured right on target or a little over, so it's an honest sub-10! :D YAY!

My "live" results! :D

Post-race Selfie! :)

My first CFA Race Series shirt - nice tech shirt! And bright! Great for morning runs!

The back... where all the details are!
This was my first Chick Fil A race series race, but I don't think it will be my last. Though I was uneasy with the lack of details, the race seemed to go off without a hitch! In my race bag there was a postcard advertising a CFA Half Marathon in Athens, GA in "Spring 2014". I was planning to do the Run the Reagan for my first Half Marathon without intervals since the ITB injury, but if I can't do it that fast, I may shoot for this one instead. (And if I CAN do RtR, I may do this one, also! LOL).

I'm so pleased that I was able to make this goal I had set for myself, and thankful to God for His blessings on me today!

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  1. Great job! Congrats on a fabulous 5K despite the course!! Love those shirt, too!