Friday, May 3, 2013

Race Report: May the 4th Be With You Virtual 5K

YAY! I can post pictures again! 

And what good timing, too, as it's time for me to post a race report!

Thanks to some crazy nasty weather coming this weekend, I had to complete the "May the 4th Be With You 5K"  portion of the Nerd Herd Racing Series (all proceeds benefit cancer)! I learned about this series of races from my friend, Jan, who knows I'm a pretty big nerd! When I found out this series includes a Star Wars theme, a Harry Potter theme, and a Banned Book week theme, I knew I had to do it! When I complete all 3 races, I will get the bonus medal, too! What could be better?

Well, running it with Jan at the park like we planned to do would be better. But the weather was determined not to cooperate. That's OK, though - we'll get together for the Harry Potter race in July!

I decided to visit the gym today and run on the treadmill, something I haven't done in months! I'm glad I did, too, because while I was running, I could see the rain blowing sideways! YUCK!

The race bib is probably one of the cutest I've ever seen. When you registered you had to list your favorite Star Wars character. Mine is Han Solo, and on my bib was this quote from Han: "One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner." Isn't that the greatest!?! These folks sure do know how to make a nerd smile!

This treadmill experience was a new one for me because it was my first time to run on the treadmill without taking walk breaks! I actually enjoyed it much more because I could zone out and not have to focus on the time and adjusting the treadmiill speed. I just set the speed and looked down at the distance every now and then!
Such a cool bib - wish I'd had some colored ink so I could print it the way they designed it!

My "official" race time, though it did take me a few seconds to figure out how to turn the treadmill off! LOL
My leg felt pretty good - I took the pace nice and slowly, and I've been diligent about my rolling and stretching! The treadmill helped me to keep it slow, even at the end when I felt like I could have pushed it.

I'll be sure to post the picture of the medal when it comes. They said it will take about 4 weeks! :)

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