Friday, May 17, 2013

Yet another injury update

Well, there is good news on the injury front.

My knee settled down a great deal by the time my Chriopractor appointment rolled around on Tuesday. But I kept the appointment anyway.

Because my side had started to hurt on Monday afternoon. @@

I have been to the chiropractor twice now and what I am being told is that the side pain is an intercostal muscle strain. I had another adjustment this morning and I'm really feeling much better. My pelvis was out of alignment on the left side which may explain the knee.

Now, the good news is that I swam and biked a little bit yesterday and I ran a little bit this morning - after taking off Sunday through Wednesday like a good little Penguin - and did not experience any pain during the workouts. And yesterday, I felt fine after the swim and bike all afternoon. So far today after the run I'm feeling good.

So I guess, all things considered, if I was going to have some twinges this was a good time to have them. My triathlon training starts a week from Monday. And this weekend is the big recitals for my daughters so I will take a couple of days off again while we're busy with that.

Next week I'm hoping to get my Zumba on, and have a little yoga fun while the pool is closed for the summer prep work - and then I'll be eager and ready to start getting ready for my tris in August and September!

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