Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brick by Brick

It's been a great week for my workouts! I did back-to-back Brick workouts yesterday and today. Yesterday was the traditional Bike-Run brick and was a scheduled workout, but today's brick was a Swim-Run brick forced upon me by my crazy family schedule! But, I'm getting the workouts in and that's what's important!

I used these bricks this week as an opportunity to try out my outfit for next weekend's super sprint. I will be wearing my Team Tough Chik tri top with my new tri shorts! They fit great and everything felt good in each sport.

So far I am feeling great and I'm getting pretty excited about next weekend's race! Stepping back to the mileage/time on the training plan - even though it was much less than what I had built up to - was a smart thing to do!

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