Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cycling Love!

My training plan called for a 70 minute bike ride. I decided to head over to the Greenway, even though it's the last Saturday before the Peachtree Road Race and I was afraid everyone and their cousin would be out for a run. Thankfully, the Greenway wasn't packed at all. I did see many more cyclists than ever before, and I saw 2 deer eating grass. :)

I figured out on my Run Keeper app (have I mentioned how much I love this app??) that I can set a countdown delay so that when I press "Start" it will give me 15 seconds to get my phone put away before it starts the workout. That way I won't have extra seconds before and after the workout, just after. I know, I know... it doesn't matter. But at least I can do it! LOL It took me a little longer than 15 seconds to get the phone away and get clipped in, but that's better than nothing.

The ride really went well. I've been reading the Every Woman's Guide to Cycling so I tried to use some of the information that I've picked up from that book. One thing was to spin freely and not mash and pump the legs hard. That's sort of opposite of what I've been thinking I need to do. I thought I should pedal in a lower gear so I can build up my strength in my legs. So I tried the spin in a higher gear thing and it felt pretty good. I averaged a little over 13 mph for the entire 15.71 miles, which is pretty good for me. There were no hills, though, so while I didn't have to push up a hill, I also didn't get the rest break for my legs going down the hill. My legs got a great workout!

So my feet didn't hurt, my knees didn't hurt, my girl parts didn't kill me too badly, and my hands didn't fall asleep. There was only one thing I had trouble with and that was hydration. No, it wasn't like the triathlon were I was dehydrated (did I ever mention that I only drank 3 oz. of fluids during the entire triathlon?? YIKES!). This time, I drank so much I had to pee a lot! LOL I drank water before I left and I had to pee when I got to the Greenway. Then about 30 minutes into the ride I had to pee so it was progressively more uncomfortable to ride. I peed again before I left to go home. And then I had to go again before I got home! It was horrible! I drank water before the ride with a granola bar, and then gatorade during the ride, and then water afterward. Since I felt great through the ride, I assume that I had enough fuel, just need to space the pre-ride water out more to give myself time for another potty break before I start.

It feels so great to have a good ride!! I'm actually looking forward to next week's long ride now! :)

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