Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have my numbers again!!

So, over the weekend, in addition to getting a new laptop, I also got my very first smartphone - an iPhone! :) So now, I can post cool before-workout selfies like this:

It's time to ride!
Not only can I do cool selfies, I can also download fun apps like RunKeeper. Since my Garmin went missing a few months ago, I have been trying to be strong in my forced avoidance of workout data. I am a numbers gal, and it's been quite a challenge. I have lived through it - though a few times I questioned whether or not I should take the money I'd been saving for my laptop and buy a new Garmin instead! LOL

But I persevered. I am STRONG! I don't need no numbers. I can run/bike 'naked'!

And then the tri happened two weekends ago and there was me with no numbers. I knew I ran long, but how long? And the bike course was "about 8 miles, we think". Really? How can I tell if I'm improving or not without hard data??

Enter the iPhone. My mother upgraded to an iPhone 5 and I was lucky enough to be blessed with her phone, which she then secretly upgraded for me to a brand new 4S because there was a promotion running which made the upgraded phone free! I have seen lots of my friends post their workouts on RunKeeper so I thought I'd give it a try.

There are several pre-loaded workouts, and lots of other features that I haven't had a chance to learn yet. But you can set it up for cycling and running (and other activities - isn't this strange... there is a "swimming" setting for RunKeeper. Who takes their iPhone in the water?? Weird!)

It was a little hard to push the button to start the workout, and then put the phone in my belt, and then clip in and ride. I figure I added about 15 seconds starting and stopping, at least, but you know what - it's not that big of a deal! When you've had no data, you learn to be grateful for what you have!

When I got home, I looked at my pretty numbers, all laid out there for me:

It's just like having a Garmin - there are splits and everything!!
 And to my surprise, look at the cool little "analysis" it gave me...
Yeah, that makes it look really hilly! WOOHOO!
One thing that it did that I'm not sure if I like was that it called out every 5 minutes all of my stats. Because I wasn't wearing headphones, it was broadcast! This could be handy, or it could be annoying. I will have to play around and see if I can make some changes. Regardless, this free little app makes me a very happy girl! I'm actually really excited about my run tomorrow! LOL

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