Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last-minute tri details!

Finally got an email tonight with last-minute instructions for Saturday's Super Sprint Triathlon. I was happy to read this first point:

1) This is a triathlon that is focused on fun and experience. It is designed for the beginner triathlete and those wanting to practice working on transitions. IT is NOT an IRON MAN or IRON KIDS triathlon. Please don't come with the fierce competitive attitude needed by the pros.

That is awesome for me! I am one of those who is "wanting to practice working on transitions". This will be the first time I will be using my new cycling shoes and clipless pedals in a race atmosphere and I'm hoping this short triathlon will give me valuable experience (good and/or bad) that I can apply to my big race in August! 

Now I'm really getting excited! 

The next two points confuse me, though: 
2) Please arrive to set up transition and get checked in at least ONE hour before your swim start time. (This way you will have time to walk the course)

3) Please WALK the course (except adult bike portion).

Why do we have to walk the course? I've never heard of that before! I guess I will find out on Saturday, huh? 

I have a couple more short workouts tomorrow to keep the body loose, and then I have to pack up tomorrow evening! I don't think I'm nervous, yet. Just looking forward to this race!


  1. It's almost exciting! Hope you get some rest tonight...I know how hard it is for me to sleep the night before a big race!

  2. So exciting! You'll love the pedals in the race. I was worried I'd have issues with mine and I had none! It helps that unlike with training, I only had to start once and stop once - no stoplights. Can't wait to hear about it!