Sunday, June 30, 2013

No more bouncy-bounce!

This morning was my long run, and since it was 40 minutes, it actually felt more like a "long run" than the previous 4 weeks! Since I wasn't terribly worried about the time/distance, I wanted to play around with the iFitness belt that I'm still borrowing from my MRTT chapter leader. I moved the bottle holder to the back of the belt so I could adjust the belt more tightly. Also, this would move the bottle away from where my arm moves. I pulled the belt as tightly as I could while it was empty, that way when I put my water bottle and phone into the belt, it just helped it to be a little more snug so it didn't bounce.

It was so freeing to be able to run around the beautiful trails at the park and not have to worry about running back by the car to get water. Every time the RunKeeper app announced that I had completed a mile, I took a few sips of water. I had finished the bottle by the time I got to 4 miles. When I was on my cool down, I stopped by the water fountain and refilled my bottle. It was incredible and even though it was warm and humid this morning, I didn't feel parched like I usually do. I felt strong throughout and I credit that to being able to drink water when I needed it.

So yeah, I'm hooked! My chapter leader told me she's interested in selling this belt (she prefers the FlipBelt/handheld water combination) so I'm going to take her up on it. I would like to get some of the bottles that are designed for this belt because I think they will go in and out easier, but for now I'll continue to use the Fuel Belt bottles that I bought.

I also played around with the RunKeeper app a bit. I changed the settings to make the announcement on the mile and to give me my current pace rather than overall pace, since I can't get the mileage to restart after the warm-up. However, I DID find a cool new data window:

Averaged 9:43 over 40 minutes? I wish I could trust that this app is accurate! LOL
So under the splits window, there is an option to do the mile splits or the intervals. Since I set it up to do a 40:00 slow workout (for my long run) I was able to see the pace for my walking warm-up and cool-down separate from my long run! The "extra" part was the 4 extra minutes it took me to get back to the car! ;)

Having so much fun training for this triathlon!

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