Sunday, June 2, 2013

Triathlon Training - Week #1 Done!

Triathlon season has begun and Week #1 of my training is complete! Of course, I had to modify the training a little bit because of the impending Super Sprint triathlon in less than two weeks! But overall, I stuck right to the training plan - even with its 400/500 yard swims and 20-25 minute runs! LOL It was so hard to stop at that time/distance, but I'm determined to be smart and not injure myself by pushing too hard.

Yesterday was my long bike ride, and for this first week, it was a 50 minute ride. Next week I will have to do my long ride on the trainer because all of my babysitters will be out of town, so I really wanted to go somewhere. I decided on the Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta, despite that being the location of the Big Fall caused by the Getting Lost. But this time I neither fell nor got lost and I was very proud of myself.

Today was a 'long run' of 25 minutes, and I had to do that in the neighborhood before church so that I could get home before my babysitters left for their Sunday morning responsibilities! I will be glad when the next 2 weeks are over and things settle down a little bit around our hacienda!

I also added 2 days of Strength Training from a book I got from the library: The 12-week Triathlete. I am not using the training plan found in this book, because it doesn't mesh well with my schedule, but I do like tha he lays out 3 plans for tri-specific strength training. So I'm putting that into the training plan I'm using from Sprint Triathlon Training. I am still looking for the 'perfect' triathlon training plan... it's elusive.

This coming week will be a challenge to get all of my workouts in. We have morning, afternoon, and evening commitments! LOL But I will do my very best to get it all done! :)

I am really, really looking forward to the Super Sprint the weekend after next! What a great way to test out all my new gear and see what I need to focus on for my big races in August and September!

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